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We have a full selection of premium wooden swing sets, basketball hoops, trampolines, snap sports indoor and outdoor game tile flooring, and floor coatings.

Please note: Pay-To-Play is NOT AVAILABLE on weekends.

Pay-to-Play Hours Shopping Hours
Monday  9-4 9-5
Tuesday 9-4 9-5
Wednesday 9-12 9-1
Thursday 9-4 9-5
Friday 9-4 9-5
Saturday Not Available 10-4:30
Sunday Not Available By Appointment  


If you are unable to visit our showroom during normal business hours, our sales associates are available to meet with you by appointment. Please call 952-446-5858 during normal business hours to schedule an appointment.

climbing wall

The fun and challenge of a Traverse Wall® is making it from one side to the other, rather than to the top. Students are never more than a few feet off the floor as they climb horizontally across, the wall. No ropes or harnesses are needed. Traverse Walls® can occupy and optimize a variety of spaces--from gymnasiums to classrooms to hallways.

swing sets

Our swings and playsets are designed to last and to bring years of joy to your family. A simple and stylish solution for inactivity, boredom and alone-time, our systems can be customized to your family’s needs. Set up our playsets and swings outside so your children get to explore creativity, time with friends and the benefits of the outdoors.

Best of all, in a sea of plastic playgrounds and swings, we offer wooden playground swing sets made from cedar. If you want quality made with old-fashioned commitment to beauty but with modern safety standards, you can count on us for your next swing playground or even playset without swings.

Basketball hoops

Whether you're an amateur or a true professional, a Gladiator Hoop is right for you! These hoops offer a sleek modern look and easy-to-use features! Gladiator Hoops backboards are secured at the sides for a more aesthetic look and solid design!!

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