Preparing the floor the proper way for the floor coating application is essential for creating a bond between the concrete and the floor coating. Professional installation is key for a long-lasting floor. The commercial grade floor products used are complex materials and  knowing which products to use and when is why it is imperative to have your coating installed by a professional. Millz House has over 20 years experience installing floor coatings and has the knowledge and expertise to ensure a successful project every time.

Millz House Floor Coating Process Step 1 Floor Preparation

FLOOR PREPARATION - We prep the concrete by shotblasting and hand grinding the floor. This opens up the concrete, enabling our product to be absorbed, and creates a bond that will last.

Millz House Floor Coating Process Step 2 Repair Concrete

REPAIR - Once prep is complete, we start the repair process. We patch any cracks in the floor, salt pitting and rock pops. If desired, we will fill in the expansion joints to create a seamless look.

Millz House Floor Coating Process Step 3 First Color Coat

1ST COLOR COAT - The first coat is necessary to seal in the patch work and also start the coloring process. This coat is applied directly on the prepped concrete. We make sure to get a good consistent basecoat on the floor, vertical surfaces or steps.

Millz House Floor Coating Process Step 4 Second Color Coat

2ND COLOR COAT - If additional repair is needed, we apply additional patch and fill in any low spots that are still visible. We then apply the slip resistance and the second color coat, which will help provide durability, protection and enrich the color.

Millz House Floor Coating Process Step 5 Personalize Your Floor

PERSONALIZE - This step is where YOUR style comes out. We hand broadcast your color flake selection in the color pattern of your choice: either Random or Full Flake coverage.

Millz House Floor Coating Process Step 6 Protective Top Coat

TOP COAT - This final step of applying the protective clear coat will seal in your chips, bring out the color and add the shine!

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