Play on our premium wooden play systems, SnapSports athletic flooring, trampolines, traverse climbing wall, and basketball hoops!


PLAN AHEAD to get your preferred date and time.

With limited party times, we book up fast.

Call for AVAILABILITY! 952-446-5858

Sunset Room (284 SF)

Includes up to 15 children

-3 Adult Picnic Tables

-1 Banquet Table

-1 Round Gift Table


-Party Chair

Big Dipper Room (448 SF)

Includes up to 20 kids

-3 Adult Picnic Tables

-2 Children Picnic Tables

-1 Banquet Table

-1 Round Gift Table


-Party Chair


Your party includes:

-A party space in either our Big Dipper Room or Sunset Room for the entire length of your party.

-A personal party chair reserved for the birthday child to help make their day special.

-Full access to play equipment in showroom (swing sets, trampolines, basketball hoops and more).

-Bring whatever choice of food, treats, child-friendly drinks, decorations, and utensil products you want. (balloons, table coverings, plates, cups, napkins).

-We have a refrigerator and freezer for your convenience.

-YOU DECIDE whether to decorate and how, when to eat, open gifts, have cake and when to play!

-Let us do the clean up!

-Staff available to help if you have questions or need anything.

-Order and get pizza delivered to the showroom! Pizza Places near us 

-Free Printable Party Invitation!

Fun for the entire family! Mom, Dad and Grandparents can play too!


We are trying our best to ensure a safe environment for everyone. Parties are subject to the following rules and guidelines:

-Arriving before your scheduled start time is not permitted.

-Your 2 hours includes setting up, gathering all belongings and departure of the building. You must depart by your scheduled end time or you are subject to an overstay fee of $75.

-Private parties/after-hours parties may be accommodated based on staffing and party room availability.  

-If you would like a party longer than 2 hours or a private/after-hours party, please speak with a sales associate for availability and rates. 

-An additional $8.00 fee applies for each child over the included amount of children per party.

-$75 non-refundable deposit required to book your party.

-Play time is ONLY allowed during the scheduled time of party.

-Play time in the showroom will be shared with one other party and shoppers, but no pay-to-players. NOTE: We are a retail store. If asked by an associate to temporarily refrain from playing on a product so that customers may try it, please do so.

-A Millz House Waiver must be signed by all parents or guardians before children are allowed to enter the play area.

-Children must be supervised at all times.  


Hours of operation, party regulations, and party packages are subject to change.

Party Decorating Ideas:

Not Included: Table coverings, eating and drinking utensils, plates and cups, food or beverages, and other decorations. 

Party Pricing:

-Additional $8 fee for each child over the included amount of children

-Private after-hours parties are available depending on staffing and availability